Each category winner was awarded an Irish Audio Awards trophy and their achievement was promoted by the Irish Audio Awards. The creative team (or craftsperson in such categories) associated with the award winning piece also received a monetary reward for their contribution to creativity in Irish Audio.


This category is for advertising aimed exclusively at B2B advertising.


This category is for B2C advertising.

Audio for Change

Creative entered into this category will have been created for a charity, not-for-profit, social movement, for government etc and the goal will be positive societal change.

Use of Music

This category recognises exceptionally creative or innovative use of music or sound design in audio advertising including original composition, licensed recordings or adapted/altered versions of an existing recording.

Sound Design

This category rewards the process of composing, specifying, acquiring, manipulating or generating audio elements, including sound effects, location recordings, ‘atmos’, etc.

Copywriting Craft

This category rewards excellence in copywriting for audio advertising. Creatives and advertising companies may enter.


This category recognises the craft of casting for creative audio advertising. Entries should focus on the overall delivery of the script through performance, where voice performance is integral to the success of the spot. This may include tone and pacing, use of accents or impersonation etc.


Innovation recognises the innovative use of technology in audio advertising. Forward-thinking ideas directly enhance the experience of the listener. Including, but not limited to, use of apps or mobile / web technology, software development and technology that demonstrates a development in the production process and distribution of audio.


This category rewards speculative creative which has not been aired or published.


This category recognises original work created by a radio broadcaster. The work can be created on behalf of an advertiser, it can be to promote a radio station, or it can be purpose driven work which address social, ethical and environmental issues.

Grand Prix

This category is awarded by the jury from entries made across the other general access categories, but cannot itself be entered. Entry to our other categories can be considered automatic entry to the Grand Prix category.