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The Irish Audio Awards night is an event like no other, immersing attendees in an audio experience. Taking place in Smock Alley’s historic theatre, entrants join us for a live radio broadcast where we discuss the current state of creative audio, alongside various experts and our esteemed judges. Here are some of the highlights from the 2024 Irish Audio Awards event.



Sophie White and Jen O'Dwyer (co-hosts of 'Mother of Pod' and 'The Creepdive') have an undeniable chemistry and their work in podcasting is simultaneously hilarious and comforting. It is this unquantifiable element that has allowed them to cultivate a loyal listenership. Their friendship translates well into podcasting, creating an intimate space that fosters loyalty and trust in their community. Listen to Anton, Jen, and Sophie engage in an interesting, and downright hilarious discussion about their work, and the podcasting landscape as a whole.

Listen to the interview here.

State of the (Creative) Nation

<h3><strong>State of the (Creative) Nation</strong></h3>

It is all well and good to strive for creative excellence, but how does this affect business, and how is it in turn impacted by external elements such as the economy, tech, etc. In this panel, Jonathan Forrest (CEO, F&B Huskies), Abi Moran (CEO of Folk VML), Jimmy Murphy (Director of Acne), and host Anton Savage investigate the factors that help or hinder creative excellence in the context of audio advertising. These speakers provide insight into how the business aspect of creativity can contribute towards creative excellence.

Listen to the panel here.

The Power of Sound

<h3><strong>The Power of Sound</strong></h3>

Sound is a wildly powerful medium which is rapidly synthesised by the listener and evokes emotions in a split second. Yet is a medium where the simplest elements can make for the biggest impact. In this panel, host Anton Savage, Caoimhe Doyle (Co-Owner of The Foley Lab), and Nik Goodman (Director of Bounce) discuss the craft of sound, the tools and possibilities in a purely audio space, and furthermore, the economical nature of audio.

Listen to the panel here.

Lifting the Curtain

<h3><strong>Lifting the Curtain</strong></h3>

In this panel, Anton Savage brings together two of our esteemed judges to lift the curtain on this year’s award winners. Pearse McCaughey (Jury Chair), and Sandra Bold (International Juror) candidly discuss the quality of the work, the highs and the lows of this year’s entries, and their observations. They explore what this means for creativity in audio, the implications for the industry, the areas in which they are seeing true excellence, and those which leave something to be desired.

Listen to the discussion here.

Live Music

<h3><strong>Live Music</strong></h3>

As well as thought provoking panels, and the presenting of awards, the Irish Audio Awards event also featured musical direction by Seán MacErlaine, with original musical compositions created by Seán, specifically for this year's awards.

Listen to the live recording here.