From the moment Marconi broadcast sound waves across the Atlantic, the world was changed forever, we were addicted. Audio is a medium that allows us to communicate through the beauty of resonance, simple vibrations making waves and change the shape of the air as It travels towards us, engaging our imaginations like no other medium can. Closing eyes, opening minds, breaking hearts, and creating bonds. Ever-evolving, constantly changing, always familiar. Audio is a medium like no other and we are here to recognise the space between the content, to acknowledge creativity, elevate the medium and award only the very best. 

It is with great ambition that Radiocentre Ireland launches the inaugural Irish Audio Awards. Established by the Independent Broadcasters of Ireland and RTE, Radiocentre Ireland is setting out to showcase the unique strength and power of audio. We are committed to recognising and rewarding great work in audio, we will celebrate creativity in audio advertising and champion the teams behind the winning work.